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It’s simple:

Every day, EFJohnson goes to work to make the world a safer place. The mission-critical communications products we provide ensure the right people always have the lifeline they need, when they need it.

Our People

We do everything we can to make being safe simple. Everyone at EFJohnson — our engineers, our customer service personnel, our field service technicians, and our salespeople — works tirelessly to make our products and processes as simple as possible.

Our Business Model

We are transforming how you buy LMR systems and radios. We believe in open communication, with simple pricing models and no vendor-driven change orders. We support P25 interoperability to the fullest extent and do not use proprietary features to lock customers to a single vendor.

Our Customers

They demand more than the status quo and want the flexibility to choose what’s best for their first responders, so we eliminate the complexities that come with purchasing, deploying, operating, and maintaining mission-critical communications systems and radios so they can focus on communications products we provide ensure the right people always have the lifeline they need, when they need it.

EFJohnson is part of the JVCKENWOOD family

In 2014, EFJohnson was acquired by JVCKENWOOD Corporation (JVCKENWOOD), a global $3 billion manufacturer specializing in electronics and communications products. The acquisition was integral to JVCKENWOOD’s overall strategic initiative to increase its focus on professional communications and expand its already successful U.S. public safety portfolio. EFJohnson continues to operate as its own company, with the financial backing of a large-scale, communications focused parent. EFJohnson is JVCKENWOOD’s P25 Center of Excellence, leading the corporate P25 initiatives, leveraging its P25 expertise and focus on mission critical quality products. JVCKENWOOD’S Communications Division is made up of specialty companies that operate independently to best-in-class products as either a complete JVCKENWOOD solution or a solution with multiple manufacturers’ P25 equipment. We can do as much or as little as you’d like.

EF Johnson P25 and Public Safety Portable Radios

EFJohnson, the P25 specialist for JVCKENWOOD is focused on delivering the highest quality, cost effective P25 solutions that are smarter and simpler. Because when the mission is critical and every second counts, no one has time for complexities.
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EF Johnson P25 and Public Safety Mobile Radios

The consolidation of EFJohnson’s P25 subscriber portfolio under a single KENWOOD brand signifies the combination of two strengths—EFJohnson’s proven Viking® P25 software expertise and KENWOOD’s recognized hardware quality and reliability. KENWOOD Viking radios are used throughout the world by police, fire, paramedics, military and homeland security personnel. We use smarter technology to make them easy to use and easy to maintain.
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