Enhanced Services

Enhanced Services such as Automated Attendant, Voice Mail, and Follow Me help business productivity. Enhanced services are delivered from our central office, which means there's no equipment investment for you.

Automated Attendant - When you need to cover calls when you're out, when all lines are busy, or even during the normal business day, Automated Attendant is your solution. Allow callers to select the location or person they want to reach. Chickasaw Automated Attendant can even transfer callers to cell phones or out-of-town numbers.

Message Manager Voice Mail - Message Manager covers calls when you're away or all lines are busy. Add-on options include notification of messages on your cell phone, in your e-mail inbox, multiple mailboxes for individual employees, and more.

Follow Me - Don't miss a single call from your customers! Chickasaw's Follow Me service allows you to select up to five numbers where you want incoming calls to ring. Send calls to your home phone, cell phone, office phone, your assistant, your voice mail - any phone!

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