Networks & Equipment

Telco offers a great selection of products and provides service for a variety of key systems and PBXs. Phone systems such as the Nortel Norstar key system are perfect for small to medium size businesses, while systems such as the Meridian 1/CS-100 are ideal for larger businesses.

Key Systems

Key Systems such as Nortel and others provide users with features such as Caller ID, ISDN, Voicemail, Intra-Office Voicemail, Auto Attendant, Wireless Integration, Automatic Call Distribution, and much more.


A Primary Branch Exchange is your own private telephone switch that is used to eliminate the need to pay for individual telephone lines. Many PBXs are scalable for easily adding new lines and extensions as needed and allow you to do your own telephone moves, adds, and changes. PBXs from Telco Supply are available with conventional, hybrid, and all IP architectures.


Voice Over Internet Protocol refers to a way to carry phone calls over an IP data network, whether on the internet or your own internal network. A primary attraction of VoIP is the ability to converge your voice and data networks, which provides unheard of flexibility and new capabilities.


A Local Area Network is a high-speed communications system designed to link computers and other data processing devices together within a small geographic area, such as a department or building.

Support Agreements

Ensure business continuity with a support agreement for your internal voice and/or data networks. Support agreements can encompass anything from your core equipment down to cables and telephones, even if your equipment or cables weren't installed by Telco Supply.

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