Reporting Trouble on your Telephone Line or Special Circuit - with Chickasaw, it's easy. Repair service is open and our team of experts is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including all holidays.

To report trouble, call us at any of these numbers:

For DSL or dialup issues, call the BrightNet Helpdesk:

If you're calling during the business day, simply give the operator your name and phone number, verify the service address, and explain the nature of the trouble. For special circuit troubles, provide your 6-digit CTSI Special Circuit ID.

After hours, your call will be answered by an automated system... but one of the options on the automated system is "Repair Service." Select that option with your touch tone phone and you'll be connected to the repair dispatcher (yes, a live person), who will take your information and arrange for a technician to evaluate your trouble and take corrective action.

Help us help you.

Before reporting trouble with your phone, make sure you check each telephone to be certain the receiver is on the hook, and disconnect any answering machines and cordless phones from their telephone jacks. (If this clears the problem, the trouble is in your cordless phone or answering machine). Also, if you have a computer connected to the telephone line, disconnect the phone cord from the computer, and recheck the line for dial tone. If not, check outside your house - usually near the electric meter, you will find a grey box containing your telephone wires, a short cord and telephone jack. Open this box with a screwdriver, disconnect the little cord, and plug in a phone that you know is good. If you have dial tone outside, the trouble is inside. When you call in your trouble, let the operator know what you found while checking these things, to speed up the repair processs and help you avoid unexpected charges.